Monday, June 8th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Weekend protests and looting. Are they tamping down yet? How are cities dealing with it and what's the future for police forces? We speak with Rachel Sutherland (FNR) about the latest.

7 AM Hour

- School Budget votes are on the way and we speak with one business owner, home owner and parent in the Utica School District on the importance of voting. Howard Potter from A&P Master Images is on the radio this morning.

- We also speak with Dr. Keith Levatino from the Little Falls Central School District. He talks to us about what his plans are for handling graduation ceremonies in his district.

- It's another week we continue speaking with Dr. Kent Hall from MVHS. He is the Chief Physician Executive at MVHS and he's been a wealth of knowledge on the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 AM Hour

- A local Rotary group is selling T-Shirts for the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Stephen Turnbull is on this morning to discuss it and instruct people on how they can purchase one.

- There is confusion over ballots and the window to vote in school board elections next week. Dr. Rick Timbs joins the conversation.

- On June 10th the Turning Stone Resort Casino and two other properties owned by the Oneida Nation are opening their doors at 8 a.m. We speak with VP of Communications for the Oneida Indian Nation, Joel Barkin, on what Wednesday will look like.


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