Monday, March 21st, 2016

6 AM Hour

Who would have thought that Syracuse University's college basketball team would be in the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16?  Not Monaski or Keeler.

More Donald Trump news over the weekend...What would a Donald Trump presidency loo like?  Keeler says that the protests cannot be controlled.  Kristine asks what will happen at today's AIPAC conference as hundreds of attendees are threatening to protest Trump's appearance by wakling out when he takes the stage.  Rabbi Didy Waks is at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference.  We will reach out to him.

Also, Rabbi Didy inspired Kristine to make Hamantaschen over the weekend.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino
(No, they are not as pretty as the ones Rabbi Didy Waks brought us last week.)  Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino


Former Oneida County Legislator Harmony Speciale started a GoFundMe page after she was ousted from the legislature.  She responded to our latest request for an interview by sending us a link to her GoFundMe page.


The Village of Herkimer is battling Herkimer County.  Keeler says that it is like the village punched the county in the face.  He says that, even though his father is a legislator there, the situation is being somewhat unfairly portrayed.  He explains more about it and says that taxpayers there will have to pay more to fight it.

Stefan calls to talk about Syracuse and Harmony Speciale.


A listener writes Bill on Facebook asking him if he is really blaming Donald Trump for the protests and violence at his rallies?  Keeler says he is nervous about this year's elections, not as a member of any political party, but as an American.  He says that Trump needs to pull America together and he is not certain that the GOP front-runner can do that.

7 AM Hour

Caller Ted takes issue with Keeler's stance on Trump.  "The people have voted...they want Donald Trump in because they don't trust the establishment."

Professor Allan Saxe of the University of Texas at Arlington joins us to talk about the issues surrounding Election 2016.  Are there issues in this campaign?  Yes!  What is happening with the Republican party?  George Will has said that he will consider voting for a third party conservative candidate.  He says that he is amazed that a man as thoughtful as George Will "would even believe that backing a third party Conservative candidate would make any difference."  Republicans, he says, "have no one to blame but themselves" for the division in the GOP.

Caller Jack asks why the Washington establishment has not taken a look in the mirror and asks why the American people believe that they have failed so badly that America wants a talk show host for President?  Both Jack and Professor Saxe ask why the GOP, after begging candidate Trump to support the Republican nominee, are rallying against Trump as it appears that it he will be the nominee.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Kate Elliott from Westmoreland
  • David Levy from Utica

The cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica, New York goes to Kate Elliott from Westmoreland.



Sheriff Rob Maciol is on the telephone to give us a recap of the Fourth Annual Cops versus Celebrities basketball game.  There was record attendance at this year's game.  There - allegedly - was some collusion according to Sheriff Maciol.  Sheriff's Maciol's team consisted of 16 people, one more than allowed.  However, the celebrities' team - led by Coach Michael Adey and Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri - miraculously consisted of 29 people.  Hmmm.....


Starting on Thursday there will be a chance to double your money during our Free Money Question of the Day.  Jeff F. in Ilion plays today.  They reminisce about Gary Thorne and Ralph Kiner and the world of sports broadcasting.  Someone texts Keeler and tells him that he is an old-timer.


Utica Police Department Lieutenant Steve Hauck joins us in studio.  He is nearing retirement with the UPD.


8 AM Hour

Registered Dietician Cindy Chan Phillips from the New York Beef Council is on talking nutrition.  Also...this year she is runnig the Boilermaker Road Race with her twin sons.  Bill is doing better on his diet; has been drinking skim milk with his Oreos.  Her website is:


The Syracuse University men's basketball team played Middle Tennessee over the weekend and is doing well in the NCAA Tournament.  Pippi Longstocking, Keeler says,  was amazing...Keeler means Giddy Potts.  Caller Bob talks about the tourney.


There was a street fight of sorts in Chicago.  A candidate for the state legislature, Bob Zwolinski, has a broken nose and a cut that required stitches after allegedly being attacked by Jessica Soto, the daughter of Zwolinski's opponent, State Representative Cynthia Soto.

CNN reported on the story.

Felony charges were filed against the campaign volunteers, one of whom is 26-year-old Jessica Soto, the daughter of Zwolinski's opponent, incumbent state Rep. Cynthia Soto.

A woman from Wakefield, South Yorkshire, England is addicted to eating her armchair.  The Daily Mail's Alley Einstein posted the story on MailOnline.  She also likes to eat dish sponges with jelly.  The woman says it started when she was approximately four or five months pregnant.


Tim Reed of the Boilermaker joins us to talk about the fact that there are still a few spots left in the Boilermaker Road Race.

As of 8:40am today there are still a few hundred spots available for both the 15K and the 5K.

When asked if he is up to date on "VInyl," Reed says that he is not.  He has a committment to "Vinyl," "The Walking Dead," and "Better Call Saul."  He has only had a chance to watch "The Walking Dead."  Spoiler alert...Reed says, "The cross bow returns."

Last week we interviewed Curtis Busse of The Steven Avery Project about the potential exoneration of Steven Avery.  The video has been incredibly popular.

The Hulk Hogan verdict is out.  Hogan was awarded $115 million in his lawsuit against Gawker.  What does this say for free speech?  Bubba the Love Sponge was apparently watching as the sex video was made.

We play real or fake news.

An Easter Bunny (no, not the real Easter Bunny) got into a fight with a customer at a mall in New Jersey.

Roller coaster riders left upside down at an amusement park after a bird landed on the safety mechanism.

The tampon tax is tabled in Great Britain but is still being discussed in the United States.

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