Thursday, January 12th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- We start the morning discussing the lack of acknowledgement of the Utica-Rome area in Governor Cuomo's State-of-the-State in Syracuse. Also, is it legal for a business to charge more for Credit Card purchases?

- Bill caught the opening night of 'Motown the Musical' at the Stanley. We also talk with Tonya J. Powers from Fox News Radio following President-elect Trump's first presser after being elected.

- Two big events going on in National politics yesterday. While Donald Trump held a press conference, the confirmation hearings continued on. We talk with Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland about those hearings.

- A deer crashed through a Marcy man's window and left a bloody mess. Also, Bill raves about last night's performance of 'Motown the Musical' at the Stanley, courtesy of Broadway Utica.

7 AM Hour

- We talk about some of the big stories from Washington, Albany, and a birthday shout out to a famous athlete who has been dead for 5-years. We also catch up with Brandon Lang about a recap of Wild Card weekend, and picks for the divisional playoff round.

- Utica Comptroller Bill Morehouse joins us to discuss the Fitch Credit Rating increase three notches. Also, he talks about the growing problem of counterfeit bills being used for city tax payments.

- We try to give away Joe Hobika's money, and then we talk with Anthony Picente about his thoughts on the Governor's snub of the Mohawk Valley.

- Kim Strong calls in to talk about her latest stunt to encourage the passing of legislation to do-away with tethering of animals, especially in the cold.

8 AM Hour

- Deb Cabral, the Declutter coach, is on to talk about keeping New Year's Resolutions. She is also promoting a few events she has coming up.

- John Naegele from McCraith is in for our favorite segment of the week. It's the Craft Beer of the Week.

- Jim Zecca complains about Bill's "Softball" questions to Anthony Picente. Also, Connie Watkins joins us. She is a local author of children's books. She talks about her inspiration and her latest book "A Duck Named Eddie." To purchase the books search 'Constance L. Watkins' on Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

- We wrap for the morning discussing what came out of Donald Trump's press conference yesterday.

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