Thursday, January 26th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- We talk with both Tonya J. Powers and Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio on various Trump stories. Tonya calls in to discuss the President's impact on the stock market. Rachel talks about the infamous wall.

7 AM Hour

- Brandon Lang joins us for his final pick of the NFL season, The Super Bowl. He also gives Andrew a bit of a hard time on his Packers.

- In Studio is Zeuss McClurklin of the Harlem Globetrotters. He is in this morning to promote their annual game coming to the AUD. He talks to us about the upcoming show, his college career, and what they represent.

- We finish off the hour talking with Tony Picente discussing his want to bring in FoxConn for a meeting to build in Marcy. Picente knows that it may not happen, but he's not going to not try. We talk a few other state issues.

8 AM Hour

- Craig Muder from the Baseball Hall of Fame joins us this morning to talk about the most recent inductees. We also discuss the new rule that would require all writers' ballots to become public.

- Our man Naegele from McCraith Beverages joins us for the Craft Beer of the Week. It's from Empire and it's called "Sweet Fire." It is an Imperial Chocolate Chili Stout.

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