Thursday, March 17, 2016

6 AM Hour

What if Donald Trump does not get the 1200+ delegates required to get the GOP nomination?  Will House Speaker Paul Ryan step in to save the day if there is a brokered convention?  Referring to the Netflix series Keeler asks, "IS this 'House of Cards?'"

Frank Sinatra, Jr. passed yesterday after having a heart attack in Daytona Beach, Florida where he was to perform a centennial tribute to his father, the late Frank Sinatra.  Junior may have been best known for being kidnapped in 1963 at the age of 19.

It is St. Patrick's Day.

The Marshall Tucker Band performs tonight at the Stanley Theater.  The Swamp Drivers will open for the band.

NCAA action begins today.  Worker productivity will be affected.  Everyone knows it, Monaski says, so we should just deal with it.  Dock it from the weekend hours you work, he says.

We talk about the man from Ilion who allegedly tricked his daughter into a relationship.



Keeler is trying to get healthy and lower his cholesterol.  He has also agreed to be the subject of a sleep study.  More on that next week...He cannot resist McDonald's.  But, can McDonald's resist him?  His credit card would not swipe and they cannot type in the numbers.  The good folks at McDonald's, however, said that it was on them and he got the cheeseburgers (and two Filet-O'-Fish sandwiches for one of his sons).

The doctor thinks he may have sleep apnea so he is going through a sleep study through the Mohawk Valley Health System.

A homeless man in Orange County, California is receiving a portion of the reward for information leading to the capture of two escaped convicts.  He said that there was a van parked in the parking lot of a Whole Foods Market.

Amazing video has surfaced of a prison break in Canada as convicts are lifted from prison grounds via a helicopter:


It is Free Money Question of the Day time!  Next week the contest changes slightly...we are spiffing it up a bit - or so Keeler says.  Dan from Rome calls in and gets it!  Our 6am callers tend to be the "winningest!"

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we'll play a little Irish music in a segment tailor-made for Tom from Little Falls.


Happy Birthday to:

  • Jim Pasquale from Rome
  • K.C. Peters from Utica
  • Davey Smith

Jim Pasquale wins the certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop on Bleecker Street in Utica!


7 AM Hour

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol and Troy Little are in to talk about Phase One of the Mohawk Valley Community College Police Academy.

First Sheriff Maciol talks about Coach Michael Adey's retirement.  Coach Adey's announcement was a personal one for Sheriff Maciol because Maciol's son was coach

Troy is the Director of the Police Pre-Employment Training Program.

Anyone interested can contact Troy Little at:   (315)731.5728.

More trash talk in anticipation of this week's Cops vs. Celebrities Basketball game.  Sheriff Maciol says Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri, referencing the basketball game, called Maciol a liar yesterday.  The Sheriff says the celebrities are going down!

WIBX Post March 3, 2016
WIBX Post March 3, 2016


We speak with "Legal Lis," Lis Wiehl of Fox News about President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Adam LaRoche of the Chicago White Sox baseball team is stepping down because he cannot bring his son to work.  General Manager Ken Williams says he just wants them to reach a balance and not have LaRoche bring his son to work every day.

We talk with The Washington Post's David Swerdlick about President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.  He says Republicans are going "all in" at the card table.  He gives Garland respect for his handling of the nomination, stating that it is an honor to be nominated, regardless of the political entailments that may decide the success of the nomination.


Terry Johnson from The Swamp Drivers joins us in studio.  The Swamp Drivers are opening for The Marshall Tucker Band tonight.

He brings along a cool instrument, his "Saranac Fend Oar:"


8 AM Hour

We talk about solar energy with Ryan Calalesina of Solar Liberty.  Solar panels are popping up all over the place.  Prices are going down and solar companies are doing more business all over the state of New York.  Even in Central New York, he says, solar panels soak up enough sun to make it an energy-efficient alternative for home and business owners.  For more information on his particular company call: 1.866.80.RENEW


John Naegele of McCraith Beverages is in with this week's Keeler on Tap Craft Beer of the Week, Ballast Point Brewing's Sculpin Variety Pack, featuring a sculpin, grapefruit sculpin, and pineapple sculpin.

Grapefruit juice interacts with certain medications, so Keeler should not be drinking grapefruit beer this morning.

Tom from Little Falls calls in to give us an education on Irish culture and St. Patrick's Day.

Someone else has another chance at our Free Money Question of the Day.

Did Donald Trump say that ther will be riots if he is not the GOP nominee?  Keeler and Monaski agree that this is being blown out of proportion.


Neurologist Dr. Brandon Brock is on talking about the link between football and brain disease.  Acknowledging the link between concussions and brain disease, he says that this is a big step for the NFL.  There may be an overhaul of football, and all sports where head injuries are a part of the game.


Monaski theorizes that the reason we have so many Free Money Question of the Day winners in the 6am hour is because we are not asking good questions in the 6am hour.  Adam from New Hartford tries...he doesn't get $100 but he does win a gift certificate for Carmella's Cafe.


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