Thursday, May 7th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- There is a plan in the works for Tom Cruise to travel to space with the assistance of Elon Musk and NASA to shoot a film. Tonya J. Powers discusses it with us.

7 AM Hour

- After push back on Trump's plan to rollback the Coronavirus Taskforce, he has decided to keep it in place and shift the focus. Jon Decker (FNR) reports on the latest.

8 AM Hour

- Due to COVID-19 there have been changes to the Medicaid laws. Dave Zumpano of the Estate Planning Law Center joins us this morning to discuss.

- The Utica Common Council voted to pass a law last night that changes the UPD residency policy. We speak with union representative Sgt. Mike Curley on what this means for officers.

- We moved Dr. Kent Hall to the 8:00 hour to give him a little more sleep! He answers our COVID-19 questions.


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