Thursday, November 7th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- More and more polls are taken everyday to try and get an outlook on the 2020 Presidential Election. Tonya J. Powers of FNR joins us with an update on the latest one.

7 AM Hour

- The first open hearings related to the impeachment investigation have been announced and Rachel Sutherland of FNR tells us all about it.

- For the first time in a looooooong time, we have in studio former Congresswoman Clauda Tenney. She is running for the seat held by the man who took it from her, Anthony Brindisi. She has a crowded GOP primary to get through first.


8 AM Hour

- Rick Lewis is in this morning to promote another event coming to the Rome Capitol Arts Complex. This one comes on Veterans Day and Vets can get a special price

- Rome City Schools Superintendent Peter Blake is on this morning to talk about their Capital Project campaign and what it will involve.

- One candidate in the Utica Mayoral Race is stopping short of declaring victory but believes he is the winner. We speak with incumbent Rob Palmieri the morning after Election Day 2019.

- Our man Naegele is in this morning with a new Craft Beer for us to try. Plus, Beth Irons cooks up some corn pudding. The Oneida County Farmer's Market is now moving to its winter schedule and will be open every other weekend.

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