Thursday, October 9th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- There is a woman who has terminal brain cancer and she is moving to a state in which she can chose to end her life early. We talk about the history of assisted suicide (it's not called that anymore). The company that Brittany Maynard is working with is called Compassion Cares.

- We talk about the story of the two Central Valley Superintendent candidates who have controversial pasts. Read More:

- Also, how safe is artificial turf? Apparently there are goal keepers that are being diagnosed with cancer and studies show that it could be linked to the rubber that is used on turf fields.


- We continue talking about the NBC Report regarding the soccer players that are being diagnosed with cancer and the majority are goalies. Read More:

- There was a contestant on "The Price is Right" who got a little confused over the price of a hammock.

(NSFW - Offensive Language At The End)


- This week Bill is going to make homemade Pierogi. There is a new Plate Night up on our website. It's Susan's Cooking School and they teach you how to make pierogi.

- Phil Robertson is the Duck Dynasty guy and he was preaching at his church recently and was talking about the fact fact that you will not get STDs if you marry and only sleep with your partner.

- DeSean Curry is a black foster child whose foster parents are white and the police believed he was a burglar and sprayed him with pepper spray in his own home! A neighbor thought the young man was the intruder.

Andrew keeps disappearing during the breaks.  Jeff and Keeler are manning the phones when he leaves.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We talk to Ray about cloud behavior and we get the forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend. We have a chance to reach temperature into the 70s next week.


- Animal rights groups are very upset about a dog that was euthanized because its owner had Ebola. Medical experts believe that dogs can spread the disease because other animals can as well.

Joe Marino - Utica Councilman

- Before we get to Joe we talk about our weight loss challenge and things get a little heated! More votes come in. You have till tomorrow to get your votes in for the $500 Weight Loss Challenge.

- Now to Joe: We talk to Joe about the Master Plan Committee in Utica and how it's progressing.

- We bring Mayor Joe Fusco into the conversation and bring up the idea of a thruway exit for Rome. He concedes that it isn't really a problem to get on the thruway from Rome or to get to Rome from the Thruway.


- We address the issue of the signs that read "Don't Listen to Keeler in the Morning" and we have turned this negative into a positive. We say Don't Listen to Keeler in the Morning unless you want to win Cash! Starting Monday you can win $100 twice a morning with our Free Money Question of the Day!


- We replay the "Price is Right" contestant who guessed $7,000 for a hammock.

- We have bad news about "Hope." Remember Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the Golden Pipes, he is broke now, but it's probably because he's working in radio. He blames a lot of that on Management.

Mark Vivacqua - Leadership Education Program

- Mark is the superintendent of Herkimer BOCES and he is on to talk about an event coming to Herkimer College on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014. Bill Dagget is the chairman and founder of the International Center for Leadership in Education.

- The event is called "Addressing Today's Challenges within the Context of Emerging Trends."

- This event relates to the positive changes coming to Utica and the whole Mohawk Valley.

- How will we be prepared for the changes coming to Utica.

- We also discuss with Mark the Common Core and how there isn't as much opposition as last year.

- This event will be held on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at Herkimer College from 7-8 p.m.

- We also ask Mark about the controversial pasts in their former districts, but Mark believes that these two candidates are phenomenally talented and qualified.

- Jim calls in to talk about the need for tradesmen and skills jobs and Mark agrees that with a growing population or the potential for it, we need the people to help the infrastructure.

John Naegele, Cindy Phillips, and Ed Elias

- We start things off with John Naegele from McCraith Beverage who is on for our Craft Beer of the Week! This week Naegele brought in Brown's Brewing Company - Cherry Razz! Brown's makes the best Oatmeal Stout, Cream Ale, and their Oktoberfest is being featured at the Turning Stone.

- Ed Elias is a personal trainer and Cindy is a dietician with The New York Beef Council.

- You have to think about long term health when you are dieting or on a challenge.

- We discuss all the details on how to effectively lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Wrapping Things Up With Ed and Cindy

- Ed and Cindy give their picks on who will win the contest.

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