Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

6 AM Hour

What are our thoughts from yesterday's interviews with Steve DiMeo (MV EDGE), Senator Griffo, Assemblyman Brindisi and County Executive Anthony Picente.

Keeler has audio of some of the memorable moments of 2016

NYC is paying to house homeless people, and Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin thinks its a kindhearted move, but wonders why they're paying so much. That story and more true tales from Peter.

7 AM Hour

Woman selling positive pregnancy tests for $25. She says she doesn't want to know what you're doing with them. There are only two options really, right? A prank, or a sinister move to deceive someone....

Rob Hilton of Hilton Estate and Elder Law in studio. He is giving away a will, a healthcare proxy and power of attorney. The first three to make a donation to the Keeler Toy Drive for Operation Sunshine win.

8 AM Hour

Robin Zander of Cheap Trick joins us by phone. He'll be performing at Turning Stone on Thursday night as part of a Kings of Chaos show. Also appearing are Chester Bennington, Billy Gibbons, Billy Duffy, Steve Stevens, Robert Deleo and Matt Sorum.

Scot Hayes of New York Sash in studio recapping this weekend's NY Sash Utica College Teddy Bear Toss.

Brenda Episcopo joins us with news on 2017 tax filing. For those struggling to make ends meet, the RCIL and other non profits are again partnering to file taxes for free. One of the credit that many people often overlook is the earned income tax credit. Also, if you make $62k a year or less, you can go to the website MyFreeTaxes.com.

If you'd like to volunteer at 733-4691. The Free tax prep program is 272-1888.

Judge Bernadette Clark is in studio this morning talking about the gavel gap. A recent study found 70% of judges are male and just 30% are female. New York State was graded 'D' in that study.

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