Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Some  bad advice on playing the Powerball from a former lottery winner. Seriously, don't be an idiot. Don't break the bank gambling.

The Whitesboro seal is staying. The 200-plus voters who turned out say they like what they have.

The Daily Show and The Nightly Show had reached out to Whitesboro officials saying they'd pay to replace old signage of the village's seal

Checking area gas prices

7 AM Hour

Michael Patrei on his documentary about the Village of Ilion. Plus, are you buying the NEW Charlie Sheen?

Greeley Ford, our AT&T guy and member of the band Classified, called into Rush Limbaugh to wish him a Happy Birthday....a long time ago. We've got the audio

More discussion of the Whitesboro village seal. Mayor Pat O'Connor is in studio to talk about what happens next

8 AM Hour

What is hair loss telling you about your health? Trichologist Bobby Spence is on to talk about it

What should the village of Whitesboro do next?

Keeler and Monaski discuss the impact of political correctness on the effort to replace the Whitesboro seal

FREE Money Question of the Day. Plus, Michelle Byington thinks gun free zones create soft targets for terrorists and mass murderers

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