Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- There is a big Comets announcement coming today at Noon at the AUD. There will be a bunch of big wigs from the AHL and if the rumors swirling around are true, than it will be a huge economic boost for the area.

- Leon Panetta has released a book in which he points out the inability for President Obama to lead especially when it comes to ISIS and Foreign Policy.

- The NATs stay alive in the MLB playoffs.

- There is a woman in Germany who can sing more than one note at one time. It is the most annoying thing ever.

- Coming up we'll give you the chance to win $500 with our weight loss challenge.


- We take some additional guesses on the $500 Weight Loss Challenge. Dave and Jeff both picked Andrew. You have until the end of the week to get your guesses in so call 736-0186. 


- Bill calls up Rob Esche to try and get the information on the announcement a little early, he woke Rob up.

- We talk more about the big announcement coming up.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray talks about his night in the ER due to back pain and he goes into detail on his agony and it unfortunately brings back Bill's bad memories of back pain.

- Ray does end up working through the pain to get to the Weather Forecast and we could see some rain for the next couple of days.


- Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Fox and Friends makes some stupid comments in regards to fighting the Ebola problem. She suggested that they shut down and close off the borders to Ebola patients. The expert she spoke to told her that doesn't make any sense.

- We discuss the comments made by her and the expert's reaction.


- There is a new Plate Night on the website and it's Susan's Cooking School and she's teaching how to make Pirogi. Bill even gets a lesson in pronunciation.

- We all discuss the age-old issue of Italian pronunciation of words.

Jim George - Witness to the Car Fire In Washington Mills

- Jim was leaving a restaurant when he saw a shadow of a flame flickering and when he looked the car was on fire.

- To See More on this Story:

Rob Kessler - R. Kessler & Associates

- Rob is a local developer working on "Trailside" and he has kind of hit a snag. He is trying to build a 9 lot subdivision. Up to this point he's been very cooperative with the town but they want him to do a water study that has nothing to do with his property. The town won't accept the road that connects the two dead end streets going through the subdivision.

- The biggest issue here is the water run-off. Rob gives his input into what would help solve the issue. They want Rob to do the study and the work. There is a Culvert Pipe needed.

- There are a lot of tax benefits to having these subdivisions and that is why he's frustrated and curious as to why they are holding this project up.

- See more:


- Ryan calls up to make a counter-point about the Rayhill Trail and it's been leveled so the view won't be the same for the trail. Ryan claims that he destroyed it. Rob responds to that by saying anything disrupted will grow back and he's done all he can to help the people in Whitesboro to continue to get the trail access.

Scot Hayes - New York Sash

- Scot is in to talk about the energy efficient windows in Bill's house and they drastically helped Bill's home with both heating/cooling costs and more.

- We have a bunch of things to talk about with Scot including the Acrylic Bath Liner which goes over the top of existing tubs. For the month of October, people can log on to and sign up to win a brand new acrylic bath system.

- Now to the big announcement! It's the 10th annual Teddy Bear Toss for the Toy Drive and to see the growth from 600 Teddy Bears to 4,200! There have been some crazy stories each year, but it's always a huge success. Each player for Utica College wants to be the one to make the goal to trigger the toss. The crowd has a big part, and even the Teddy Bear Toss, has influenced people to come to the school.

- This year the Teddy Bear Toss will be on a Friday instead of a usual Saturday game. It's going to be December 5th!

Dr. Fab Mancini - Healthy Living Expert and Author

- Dr. Mancini talks about how Americans snack different than other countries and that Americans are very busy and so whatever is hanging around the office and the house and no time to plan the meals.

- Part of the problem is that anytime you think you're eating healthy, you may not be. You have to watch out for the sugar content can do.

- One of the keys is to spread the meals out. He gives the OK on Fruit Cups.

Catch Up with The Doc @


- We talk about the couple Teresa and Joe Giudice and their potential prison sentence due to tax fraud. She didn't ever think that anything was going on and never knew what was up, despite pleading guilty.

- We talk about the fact that Teresa doesn't know how to use some of the words in the English language and when they come out it's ridiculous.

- We replay the Rob Esche phone call from this morning.


- We talk about the obsession people have with chain restaurants and people go crazy with places like Applebee's, Olive Garden, and now Popeye's! We talk about it.

- It makes it hard for these quality local restaurants to make a go of it.

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