Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

6 AM Hour

What's with all the heat? And, are NYS Fair numbers down?

It's Primary week. Plus, Tonya J. Powers on the Kentucky Clerk who is in jail over marriage licenses.

It's Back to School in the Mohawk Valley. And, Keeler's attempted good deed may have a severe punishment. Was he exposed to poisonous parsnip.

High school football players take a cheap shot on a referee. It was shocking!

7 AM Hour

Caller Rick on the Muslim faith and Glenn Beck's new book.

Is the NFL powerless in its discipline of players?

Guest Ashfaq Parkar on the Why Islam campaign. Billboards are popping all across the country.

8 AM Hour

Callers, some outraged, weigh in on the Muslim religion.

Jeff Birnbaum from Fox News: Is Biden in or out?

More callers weigh in on Muslim religion.

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