Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

7 AM Hour

- George Phillips is one of four candidates vying for the chance to take on Congressman Anthony Brindisi as the Republican in the race for NY-22. George shares his thoughts on Brindisi's decision to vote for Impeachment and lobs a few bombs at opponent Steve Cornwell.

- Another candidate trying to earn the Republican nomination to take on Brindisi in the NY-22 race is Steve Cornwell, the Broome County DA. Steve shares his displeasure with Anthony's vote decision and responds to accusations made by George Phillips.

8 AM Hour

- We finally hear from Congressman Anthony Brindisi after he made the decision to vote for the Impeachment of President Trump. He answers several questions and stands by his decision, maintaining he voted with his conscience and nothing else.

- Jon Decker (FNR) weighs in on Brindisi's decision and what we can expect from the Impeachment process today.

- Washington CNN Correspondent Ryan Nobles joins us to discuss Impeachment and the ramifications of the vote expected today.

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