Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Big night for baseball fans and Yankees fans last night, Derek Jeter played in the last All-Star game of his career.

- We talk about Jeter's performance and address what people are saying about his at bats. Conspiracy theorists believe the pitcher gave him an easy one.

- One guy in the crowd was screaming very loudly at Jeter, "Overrated!" Then Jeter answers with a double.

- A CBS intern sent out a tweet with the #michaeljeter.

- Hershey is increasing the price of their chocolate by around 8%.


- There is a veteran who lost his legs back in the 70s because he stepped on a land mine. He has been having problem with his wheelchair and so when he was in Lowe's, his wheelchair broke and some good Samaritans stayed in the store to fix his chair.

- We talk a little more about the logistics of the All-Star game and the week of.

- Two men were caught smoking Heroin and dealing in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese.

- A reporter in Orlando was at an airport and was given a hard time by the TSA Agent because he didn't recognize the reporter's District of Columbia driver's license.


- Tom calls in to talk about some Geography confusion stories.

-Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel gives us his daily forecast and we talk about the weird Summer we've had temperature and storms wise. We'll start to see a more Summertime Patern.

- Sunday morning Bill went on a cleaning binge and found 40 big flies near the window because of some old potatoes and he is spraying in the backyard to kill mosquitoes.

Peter Franklin - True Tales From NYC

- Peter is the Gabby Cabby and gives us his weekly True Tales from NYC.


- A new type of bullet is being developed and it's called the smart bullet and it's high tech and you can choose where you want it to go. It's a .50 caliber bullet. It can be manipulated in the air.

- Later on in the show we will talk to Nick from NP Environmental to discuss Geothermal energy to save you on your energy costs up to 60%.

Erin Tolbert:

- Erin is a Nurse Practitioner working in Nashville and she's on to talk about a man in Colorado who has contracted a rare type of the plague that has effected his lungs. He contracted it from his dog.

- These plagues originate in animals so it's important to keep your pets away from dead animals and be diligent with flea and tick control.

- There is an anti-biotic that might help him. This plague attacks the lungs.

Terry Cascioli - Utica OD

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Terry is the new publisher of the Observer-Dispatch. They have made an announcement in today's paper that the printing process is moving back to Syracuse from Binghamton and that will extend print deadlines and more.

- Terry was the Chief Revenue Officer for the Times Publishing Company in Erie, PA. His plan is to really focus in on the digital side of the news.

- We talk about how the consumption of media and information is changing.

- We also discuss the level of competition we as media members have to deal with in regards to social media and independent new people.

Continuing With Terry Cascioli

- Terry talks to us about his initial impression of Utica and his family life.

- He describes what his journey has been like getting here.

- We talk about Topix and the effect it has on outsider's perspective on the city.

- Welcome Terry and the extended Deadline will begin on October 1st.

Nick Pryputniewicz - NP Environmental

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Nick is an RIT graduate and engineer who works for NP Enviornmental. Geothermal technology is using the energy underground to heat and cool your home.

- Nick talks to us about the process of installing a geothermal system in your home. You could save 60% and the Government offers a 30% tax credit.


- There is a young man in Oneida who is doing his own regular news program on YouTube. He's from Oneida and he is the perfect example of how social media can accomplish so much.

- There was a case in Onondaga County where a party grew from 40 to almost 1,000. That was a result of social media.

- Adam Vanderhoof is his name and he does his own reports with graphics and everything. He's pretty good.

Barb Michler - West Side Senior Center (Utica)

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Barb works with the West Side senior center and she talks about the needs of the Senior Center and her career in education.

- She talks about programs she has going to help children and it's a fund-raiser for the center as well. It is $20 a child and they learn about the reading and other skills with the mystery series "The Boxcar Children''