Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
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- A humid day today, so much so you can cut through the air!

- Last night the election results were in and Congressman Hanna came out on the winning end and it was pretty close.

- There are some possible wild cards, but it's looking like right now Hanna has a third term in Congress.

- Now on to the Assembly seat, will Claudia Tenney run to defend it? Chris Farber in Herkimer will primary Tenney for that seat.

- Ed the Intern gets us up to date on the most recent controversy, Luis Suarez biting another player. This is not his first time!

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
Julian Finney/Getty Images
Julian Finney/Getty Images



- Do you have any insight into what will happen next in the Assembly race? Call us at 736-0186.

- It was five years ago today that Michael Jackson passed away.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his detailed daily weather forecasts and talks about the difference between a flood watch and warning. Watch = Be Prepared, Warning = Flooding Eminent.

- Humid day today. - Cuba Gooding Jr. was on the NHL Awards last night. Awkward moment? You be the judge.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- We play audio from the World Cup Luis Suarez game and NHL awards become awkward.

- Now to the True Tales of NYC from the last English Speaking Cab Driver in New York. - His website is

Christina Steurrys - Vice President of the Teacher's Association in Rome

- The Rome Superintendent is looking at a nice bonus package with this current school board that would include a 2% raise and tuition reimbursement.

- The question is why ask the teachers to take a pay freeze and not take one yourself.

- This is the eleventh hour for the old board and the new board would most likely not vote on this decision.

- Why do this so last minute?

- At this particular board meeting there won't be public comment.

Rick Moran - PJ Media's Chicago Editor

- Rick gives his perspective on these primaries and the polarization in the country.

- In the race one Tea Party candidate is not giving up. It's the result of an old fashioned tradition of open voting. That race is Cochran defeating McDaniel.

- Rick gives his perspective on our race up here of Hanna vs. Tenney.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- We discuss the difficulty of the race and Congressman Richard Hanna reflects.

Joe Hobika

- Before we get to Joe Hobika Bill reads Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney's concession speech.

- Joe Hobika talks about the aftermath of this election and the weakening of the Republican party locally.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

- There was a lot accomplished in Albany and Anthony talks about what was done at the end of session, medical marijuana, and common core.

- We also talk a little FIFA World Cup with the Assemblyman.

More With Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

- We continue talking Medical Marijuana with Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

- Brindisi comments on the congressional primary race.

- Brindisi talks about the importance of compromise.

Marilyn York - Men's Rights Attorney

- We talk about why she only predominately represents men and talks about here experience and her practice.

See her new advertisement:

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