Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***

Yesterday Segments

- We had such a positive response with yesterday's Bowe Bergdahl segment and Chief Brooks Segments that we decided to kick off the show with the repeating of them today.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Before we got to Ray we talked about the 15-year-old Baldwinsville girl, Julia Goodwin, who sang "New York State of Mind" on America's Got Talent.

- Then Ray gives us his forecast and gives us a few definitions!

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- We get the True Tales from Peter Franklin and he gives a Veteran's perspective into the Bowe Bergdahl situation.

- He also talked to us about the VA hospital situation. He says the three VA hospitals in New York are awful. He is saying the administration is the problem not the doctors and nurses.

Truth or Crap - Yankees v. Red Sox Tickets

- We're giving away tickets to the Yankees/Red Sox game by playing Bill's favorite game Truth or Crap.

- We got two qualifiers JoJo and Paul!

Wendy Diamond - Dog People vs. Cat People

- Wendy gives us the differences between people who love dogs and people who love cats.

- Dog people have to be more outgoing because you walk the dog and interact with other dog owners and people adoring their dogs.

- Men who own cats are typically more compassionate.

- Men who own poodles aren't necessarily gay, just like different things.

- We addressed the issue of Pitbulls and the misconceptions about them.

Congressman Richard Hanna - Bowe Bergdahl

- Before we got to the Congressman we went over a couple stories. One is a baseball announcer video and the other is the 911 call of the day, and it was hard to understand the woman, but she called to say she didn't get any sprinkles.

- We spoke with Mr. Hanna about the Bergdahl situation.

- Nobody can released from Guantanamo Bay unless Congress gives approval. They never got the chance to decided on that.

- Richard says that the Pentagon even concluded that he was a deserter. He doesn't believe a soldier should be left behind, but he's at a loss for the real logic behind this decision.

- Richard speaks about his time meeting these soldiers and military members.

- Nothing happens by accident and they do everything for a reason in Washington D.C.

Congressman Hanna Takes Question From A Caller

- Dave calls in to ask Congressman Hanna what he's going to do to about the President thumbing his nose at congress.

- What they have to do is sue using the Supreme Court but this takes years to do and pretty much Obama and his administration can do what they want.

- It will have a big effect on mid-term elections.

- HANNA: "This Administration has made a lot of mistakes." He believes Bergdahl should be prosecuted for his desertion.


- Don't miss Plate Night on our website. The latest episode is Pedro's Kitchen.

- Wayne calls in with an interesting question. If Bergdahl wasn't held by the Taliban, then why did we give up Taliban leaders.

- Bowe's father was captured by the Amish.

- Bill again compares this situation to Homeland, the Showtime Network Program.

- Media can get distracted easily and there is so much stuff going on that things can get lost and can't focus on any one thing.

- Kevin and Tom both call to weight in.

Robert Channing - AGT

- Robert was not on last night, but he's still hopeful.

- We discussed the Baldwinsville girl and the competition.

- We played her audition again. Incredible version of "New York State of Mind."

Michael Lohan - Heroin Addiction

- Michael Lohan is the father of actress Lindsay Lohan and he's on to discuss this epidemic that is Heroin.

- Relationship with Lindsay and his other kids is going well, but does not have contact with Dena.

- He feels the problem is the doctors who prescribed Oxy and other pain Meds.

- We also discussed Donald Sterling on the most hated list, and we discussed on his rank on the list.

- We spoke with him about dealing with Lindsay's addiction. He believes that she is clean and keeps in touch with her over the phone and via text message.

- People should not mock or be unsympathetic to drug addiction because it is a disease.

- He wants his kids to stay out of the limelight and do other things.

Truth or Crap

- Before we did the contest, we spoke about Gene Allen from Urban Renewal who is the brother of the owner of the property the Stewart's is on.

- Diane called up to try and qualify, but she was unsuccessful.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We want to welcome our new intern Ed Manne from Hartwick College. He hopes to be a Trooper or something federal.

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