Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) is on this morning with a report on the latest post Mueller Press Conference fallout.

- Tonya J. Powers (FNR) delivers a report on the latest Gun Law proposed by the Virginia Governor.

7 AM Hour

- Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Joseph Saba explains the New York State Sex Offender Registry and how you can find out if registered offenders live near you.

- Tom Carcone is the head of the Utica Fire Department union. He believes that the Utica Police Department's new Utility Terrain Vehicle is piece of equipment better suited for the fire department. He things not having a permanent UFD chief in place is hurting the fire department as firefighters don't have a permanent voice representing the fire department's needs.

Heather Mowat - Utica's budget director calls to weigh in on the issue. She says money was set aside two years ago to purchase the UTV for the police department. And she called the idea that the UPD wouldn't allow the UFD to use the vehicle in an emergency is 'silly'.

8 AM Hour

Utica Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo Testa on who approves capital expenditures - like items for the Utica Police and Fire Department.

- Dr. Richard Chmielewski is with the Falcon Clinic and he joins us this morning for tips on your health and medications.

- Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente joins us in studio to speak about his decision to not charge residents a $0.05 fee for paper bags.

- Comedian Greg Morton on Keeler in the Morning following his recent appearance on America's Got Talent. You may remember Greg headlined a past WIBX Keeler in the Morning Christmas fundraiser - He's hilarious and now he's on a national stage looking for a BIG BREAK!

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