Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


6 AM Hour

The weather is prompting school closings and delays this morning.

Super Tuesday has come and gone. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the big winners, each winning seven states.

Fox News' Tonya J. Powers joins us to talk politics.

We discussed the Word of Life Church Beating case. Some charges were dropped yesterday against Sarah Ferguson, one of the defendants in the case. There is a gag order in the case and District Attorney Scott McNamara is unable to provide much in the way of information in the case. The case is expected to get national attention and that increases pressure on all involved.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch is featuring a story this morning about dirt and debris being carried out by the truckload from the site of the planned chip manufacturing site on the campus of SUNY-Poly.

What is the latest in the Apple iPhone encryption case.  Did the Federal Bureau of Investigation make a mistake when they were trying to unlock the phone of the suspected San Bernardino terrorist?

We speak with Bill Currie, our hero truckdriver who delivered two truckloads of water to Flint, Michigan.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, has the latest from the streets of New York.


7 AM Hour

We continue to talk about the Super Tuesday reults.

Special caller, "Steven Avery," (our own Andrew Derminio) weighs in on Super Tuesday results.  His pick was for Jeb Bush in his own Wisconsin primary, held in his own cell.  He says that he also feels the "Bern" since he and Vermont Sanders Bernie Sanders have the same hairdo.

Stefan calls in looking for a ride to school.

Camara Clifton joins us to talk about the results of the Super Tuesday primaries.  She says that after March 15, 2016 someone needs to have most of the race wrapped up by then.  She says Marco Rubio's ego may keep him in the race and Dr. Ben Carson may be calling it quits.  She says Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will continue to lead.  She says that Ted Cruz is only considered to be an opportunist because he believes in the Constitution.  Her vote, she says, is for Cruz.

Joe Load calls in to rip into Marco Rubio and to, apparently, support the Mafia.

Caller Tauni calls in to try her hand at today's Free Money Question of the Day.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

Body language expert Matt Episcopo is in studio to talk about reading eye cues of people as you talk with them.  He launches his new book, "How to Gain The Upper Hand: P.O.W.E.R. Tactics that Get Leaders Results" on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Photo Credit: WIBX
Photo Credit: WIBX

He also weighs in on the Steven Avery case and how that case has served as an example of what not to do in interrogation.

He uses "NLP," neurolinguistic processing, to determine whether or not someone is making something up as they talk.

8 AM Hour

How honest is the Keeler crew?  Matt Episcopo tests us.

Alicia Dicks and Jacquie Klotzbach from the Community Foundation join us to talk about the foundation's speaker series, next week featuring Don Marinelli.

Marinelli has helped to revitalize the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

To register visit:

Paul Curatolo of "Rain," joins us on the telephone to talk about the Beatles tribute band's appearance at the Stanley Theatre in Utica.

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