Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Remington Arms has laid off 126 more employees and we will speak with a Richard Hanna and Joe Griffo about this issue.

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***Today’s Topics***

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Doug from Rome is our contestant and he didn't win the $100, but he does win Dinner for 2 at Carmella's. His question was to name 3 cities or town in New York with the same name as countries.


- Remington Arms Layoffs and what's next? We also talk about Michael Brown, the young man who was shot and killed by a cop in Ferguson.


- We continue the Remington Arms discussion and the job market situation here in Central New York. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- Peter delivers his "True Tales" from New York City. You can find the full details on those Tales at his website:

Vicki Wilson - Local Author

- Before we talk to Vicki, we talk about our Toy Drive and how you can get involved.

- Vicki is a contributor to Huffington Post and they publish her articles about her Mother's rare neurological disease.

Frank Vescera - Utica Councilman

- Frank Vescera is an advocate of the Adirondack Railroad and is on to talk about his thoughts in the expansion to Lake Placid.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- The Congressman is on to talk about the Remington Arms layoffs and corporate welfare.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

-Beth from West Winfield is our contestant and her question is other than the World's Largest Watering Can, what else does Utica have the record on? The answer is Jelly Donut. She was not correct, but she still wins dinner at Carmella's.

Senator Joe Griffo

- Senator Griffo gives his take on the Remington Arms layoffs and how it effects the whole Central New York region. What do we need to do is keep jobs here?


- Tom calls in to give his take on Corporate Welfare.

Free Money Question of the Day #3

- Nicole from New Hartford is our contestant and her question is what periodical was the first Crossword ever produced? She was not correct, but she won dinner at Carmella's.

- We talk about a few news stories including a YouTube clip that is of a church parishioner who has been cured of being gay.

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