Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- The 1st case of Ebola has been confirmed in the United States. The person traveled to Liberia and then back to the US. He felt fine when he left, however when he returned the symptoms began.

- Later on this morning we will talked to famed Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who worked at Johns Hopkins and was the first to successfully separate conjoined twins. He is also a conservative author and is considering a run for President in 2016.

- There is a terrible story out of Frankfort where a pastor stopped a family member of the deceased from eulogizing his aunt. We discuss how much the church has changed and how this stuff shouldn't happen anymore.

- Big news with the Redskins issue, the FCC commissioner is thinking about the possibility of banning the use of the word "Redskin" on the air. Stations could be fined if that were to happen.


- In regards to this weight loss challenge, Andrew is convinced he will win because he is not married and is younger.

- Our weight loss challenge is sponsored by The Hobika Law and we discuss who will win and lose the most weight. Bill dubbed Andrew the "Cocky Living Expert."

- JoJo will give his pick after the break.


- The trash talk continues and we take some more guesses from listeners on the weight loss challenge.

- We also get the Weather Forecast from the very talented Ray Stagich! We discuss the upcoming weather and Jim Cantore's tight shirts.


- We take some more guesses from listeners on the Weight-Loss Game. The trash talk continues.

- We preview what's still to come in the show this morning including Dr. Ben Carson and Eben Brown about Ebola.

Eben Brown - FOX News Radio

- Eben is giving us an update on the 1st case of Ebola confirmed in the US. He explains how hard it is to get Ebola and the patient is in Isolation. Eben talks about what the CDC has to do.

- Eben says not to worry, but pay attention to the news. It will not spread like other countries because of our advanced medicine. Eben explains what causes the rapid spread in other countries.

Luke Tubia - Remington Story

- We go to Luke who is live at the scene at Remington Arms. There is a developing story out of Remington Arms where guns are missing from the inventory and Luke is live at the scene with an update.

Dr. Ben Carson - Former Johns Hopkins Neurosurgeon

- Dr. Carson is a former pediatric neurosurgeon that is also a conservative author. He believes that the country is at a point where it needs to do something non-traditional to rectify the problem.

- He believes the government has to conform to the people not the people to the government.

- We ask him about the likelihood of him running for President and he says that it is a strong possibility. He didn't feel that's what he would do when he retired.

- He believes the fate of the country is at the hands of the people. We have to get involved and people have to be more concerned with the country and not their party.

- He discusses the issue of race and how superficial that issue is and he doesn't like to bring up the race issue because he believes that when he pulls back the bone flap and sees that brain that's what makes a person who they are.

- To Read His Book For Free:

- To Purchase the eBook or Book:

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Ashley Bouck from Mohawk
  • Sherry Listas from Whitesboro
  • Maggie Burdick from Newport
  • Gabe Ott from New Hartford

Congrats to Sherry Listas! You win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.

- Before we get to Nick Matt, we check in with Luke to continue the coverage on the Remington story. According to Luke there are parts missing including barrels and serial numbers. The rumor mill is also working overtime with possibilities of lay offs or furloughs.

Nick Matt - F.X. Matt Brewery

- Dave calls up quick to comment on Remington Arms story. He heard that in December, that hourly wage workers will be furloughed.

- We discuss with Nick the expansion, the wide-spread distribution of the Saranac brand, and the medals their beers received:

  • Saranac Imperial IPA - 2 Gold Medals (1 for "World's Best IPA" and 1 for "America's Best Imperial IPA.")
  • Saranac Pale Ale - Gold Medal for America's Pale Ale Category
  • Saranac Single Malt - Gold Medal for "America's Best Wood Aged Beer"
  • Saranac Legacy IPA - Silver Medal for America's IPA Category.

Vincent J. Bono - Chair of the Herkimer County Legislator

- We talk to Vincent about the meeting this evening about the P&C site for the new jail. At the meeting tonight the public will have the ability to come in and give their opinions about the site.

- We talk about the cost of boarding inmates in other counties as opposed to having their own jail.

- They have to pay for the deputies to bring an inmate from these other counties to court if a judge want to see them and it's expensive and it adds up.

- Since 2006, the majority of the legislature agrees on the P&C site and they are moving forward with it. The site is one mile from the court house and they want to clean that whole site up because it's contaminated.

- The difficulties with boarding in Oneida County is that they are already at capacity. If they were to partner with Oneida County it would then become an issue of who runs it?

Update With Luke Tubia

- We go to Luke Tubia again who is live at Remington Arms and we discuss the rumors and the employee meeting at 2pm today.

- Most of the people in the building are bracing for a Furlough and if it's true it will happen around December. During a furlough there is a factory shut down and there is no work and no pay.

Kathy from Babe's - Riggie Fest

- Today Kathy brought in a bunch of different kind of Riggies. There is the new Garlic Riggies, Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, and Sausage.

- Riggie Fest is going on right now and you can get great Riggies until the Riggie Fest is done. It's a great deal and get in to Babe's and eat them. They also have some healthy vegetarian and broccoli Riggies.


- We talk about the Catholic Church in Frankfort. The family decided to plan a eulogy and when the member of the family had gone to do the eulogy and was told he could not.

- Even if that is a new rule, that is something that should be done before the mass. According to an article in the Catholic Herald the rule changed last year.

- We take calls on this from listeners including Tom who is Catholic.

- Really it comes down to what the priests preference is.

- William gives us advice on eating and that is "Eat to Live" not "Live to Eat."

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