Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers (FNR) is on this morning to talk about the Waffle House Index during major storms or disasters.

7 AM Hour

- Audrea Taylor Decker is a Political Analyst an she's on to discuss Walmart and other grocery stores banning together to ban concealed carries.

8 AM Hour

- Jordan Karp is a former Oneida County Board of Legislators Democratic Commissioner. Karp came on following news of a lawsuit to be filed against the Oneida County BOE. Candidate Michael Hennessy believes he should have been allowed to be in the room during the validation process, and thinks the sister of his opponent - Anthony Picente - should have recused herself from the process.

- Ryan Nobles is a CNN Washington Correspondent joins us for his weekly segment. But, we never got to politics. Ryan, Keeler and Monaski spend the entire time bemoaning a gut wrenching, rip your heart out, UGH! I can't believe I still watch this team loss by the New York Mets.

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