Kim Strong of Lainey's Army, an animal cruelty activist group, was on Keeler this morning talking about the County Executive's veto of the Oneida County Tethering bill that overwhelmingly passed in the Legislature.

Tony Picente said the legislation was too vague and would be difficult to enforce so he used his veto power to kill the bill, something he has rarely done as County Executive.

Strong, who was lobbying for a tethering law that would make it illegal to tie a dog on a leash for more than 10 hours, was actually pleased that Picente vetoed the bill.

"I begged him to veto this bill," said Strong who said the bill was too vague and didn't go far enough.

The Legislature could move to override Picente's veto; however, it's not known if the Legislature will attempt to do so.  Only one member of the Legislature voted against the bill.

Listen below to Strong's interview with Keeler-