Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul made a stop in Utica to discuss the Governor's 'Tax Fairness for the Middle Class Campaign.'

Hochul discussed the initiative at The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Downtown Utica. She highlighted a lot the successes the city has seen, including the building in which she was visiting.

Governor Cuomo's campaign is designed to make the tax cap permanent and to cut the taxes that Middle Class residents are paying. As part of the campaign, the Governor's office developed a Digital Tax Calculator, which allows property owners to see what they'll save. You can access the link by clicking here.

Hochul addressed the need to also prepare for future growth by preparing the youth of the state, teaching them the trades and subjects that will help business owners of the future get what they're looking for out of future employee prospects.

According to the Governor's website,

the Governor remains committed to the phase-in of his historic middle class tax cuts. Under these reforms, middle class tax rates will drop to 5.5 percent and 6 percent, depending on income, when the cuts are fully phased in - an up to 20 percent cut in income tax rates for the middle class - and produce a projected $4.2 billion in annual savings for six million filers by 2025. As the new rates phase in, they will be the State's lowest middle-class tax rates in more than 70 years.

In attendance at the presentation were several public figures including Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri, Chamber Executive Director Meghan Fraser McGrogan and several Board Members.

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