P.W. Creighton, co-founder of the NY Shadow Chasers and Digital Programming Specialist for Townsquare Media Utica, is out with his latest novel, Bad Reputation.

Creighton authored the Nightfall supernatural thriller series and 'Bad Reputation' is the first of his new young adult series called North Shore.

A little about P.W.

As a co-founder of NY Shadow Chasers, P.W. often spends weekends conducting paranormal investigations. But, he takes a different approach than many others.

His first goal to try and make sense of unexplained activity whether it be sounds, movements or a certain feelings one may get - like frequent headaches or sickness.

As he puts it, ''I'm the objective one. I'm the anthropologist that goes in an takes a look at everything from a scientific standpoint. I go in and say, 'what can cause this, what can explain this.''

''But, there have been a few cases over the years - I've been doing this for 13 years - that there is no explanation for.''

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