A local Classic Rock band, a local bar/restaurant, and giving people from Central New York all exceeded their goal to collect bedding for local kids in need.

The band Dusty Puppies performed at Station 233 - The Simple Bar in Westmoreland on Friday night and asked their fans to bring new twin sized bedding to benefit Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a local charity that builds beds and provides them to local kids who don't have one.

"You would be amazed at the number of kids who don't have a bed here in the Mohawk Valley," said Bill Gagnon, President of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. People in the Mohawk Valley responded.

"Look at this mountain of bedding," said Dave Olney, who is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for the band, Dusty Puppies. Olney put the word out last week that the band was playing at Station 233 and they needed people to bring new twin size bedding to benefit local kids, and the people reacted, said Olney.

Olney said on Friday night they collected 32 5-piece bedding sets, 12 comforter sets, 26 sheet sets and 45 pillows. All of the bedding was collected by Sleep in Heavenly Peace which will distribute the beds and bedding to local kids in need later this month.

The Dusty Puppies, Station 233, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.
The Dusty Puppies, Station 233, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

"No kid sleeps on the floor in our town," was theme for the night as the Dusty Puppies belted out their Classic Rock tunes.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Utica serves Oneida County and lower Herkimer County County, supplying children in need with new twin sized beds and bedding. People in-need, and those who would like to donate can visit the SIHP website for contact information and details.

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