Logos Technologies has received authorization from the FAA to be the first company to fly unmanned aircraft out of Griffiss International Airport in Rome.

Logos will begin flight-testing of the Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform system - or TEMP - in October of this year.

TEMP is a lightweight unmanned aircraft that is designed for a range of uses including precision cargo-delivery to remote and hard to access areas to assist with emergency response situations.

Officials say operating so close to Rome Labs will help improve the speed that Logos Technologies can prepare TEMP for military and commercial use.

"This is an important step for Logos Technologies in its development of powered parafoil platforms for both military and commercial applications," said President of Logos Technologies Dr. John Marion. "We're grateful to Rep. Hanna and our partners at NUAIR for their wholehearted support that sets a great precedent for the future of UAS technology in New York State."


Fore more information about Logos Technologies, visit their website.

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