If you work in radio or any media(news, tv, etc.) you learn fast that you have to work on birthdays, holidays and yes...even during winter storms of the century.

That being said, I still have not learned to bring enough food for lunch.

That means I had to head out in the storm just for something to eat. Thankfully, 4 Seasons Pizza in Marcy is just a short drive away from TownSquare Media studios.

So I cleaned off my SUV and headed out, but not before setting up the camera mount so I could take you along for the ride.

Hopefully you're safely inside and don't have to drive in this, in which case here's a taste of what it's like out on the roads today.

While it was a short trip, it was definitely not easy. Please make sure if you have to travel to give yourself extra time and don't stress about getting there on time. Your boss will understand.

Stay safe.


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