Wampsville, NY (WIBX) - There is a rash of car thefts, so says the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Most of the incidents that took place in the early morning hours were near Fire Tower Road in Nelson and Georgetown, Campbell Road, and Billings Hill Road in Lebanon.

Copper materials were also stolen from a cell tower site in Cazenovia.

Sheriff Allen Riley advises residents to take some common sense precautions to avoid being a victim of car theft.

  • Keep your vehicle visible by parking in well-lit areas;
  • Lock your doors and keep windows and sunroofs closed;
  • Use an alarm if your vehicle is equipped with one;
  • Keep valuables out of sight;
  • Always take your keys with you after locking your vehicle, car thieves usually know the "hiding spots" for spare keys;
  • Do not leave "open invitations" for thieves.  Change and electronics left out in the open say, "Take me!"
  • Trust your instincts.  If you see suspicious activity report it.

Sheriff Riley also encourages residents to contact their insurance companies for additional safety tips.