Central New Yorkers continue to experience the impact of flooding on area roads. As Kelli Inserra was driving her vehicle in Marcy, the road crumbled beneath her.

Inserra was driving on Hazard Road she came upon a property she wanted to look at for sale. As she pulled in front to get a better look, she went to turn around in the driveway and when she pulled away there was no longer road where there was before.

Inserra says the road must have already sustained some damage before, but none that she noticed. "I have a big truck and there was no barrel or rope to alert me to the hole at the bottom of the driveway," said Inserra. It took a truck to pull her out of the hole and the truck itself almost fell into a hole as well.

The public needs to be aware that there are still areas you need to keep an eye out for. You can contact your local DPW office to notify them of any damage to roadways.

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