Two little boys may be the world's strongest.

As of this posting the little guys are just seven and nine years old and together they may be stronger than many of the adults reading this.

The father of Giuliano and Claudiu has set up a YouTube channel, GiulianoStroeOfficial, so others can keep track of the progress of the mighty, tiny pair.

In an article, last updated on May 28, 2014 by Paul R. Stricker, M.D. on the The American Academy of Pediatrics' website, the most important issues to be considered before children begin weight training include but are not limited to: age, level of development, risk of injury, availability of supervision, reality of gaining strength and size, consideration of how strength training works in a young body, and the reason for interest in weight training.  Of course, no weight training program - whether for a child or an adult - should be started without the guidance of a licensed physician.

Comments on the pair range from praise-filled astonishment and denunciation of the children's parents, to claims that the video has been Photoshopped.  What do you think?  E-mail us at:  Put "Mighty Tikes" in the subject line.

Here's the video: