New York is officially home to multiple new restaurants that topped this year's list of the country's best.

New York is known for its rich history in sports, natural landmarks and, now, food. Buffalo is the home of everyone's beloved sports-related snack, the buffalo wing. Of course, Central New York has its own unique offerings such as Utica greens, tomato pie and chicken riggies.

Bill Keeler
Bill Keeler

That said, New York cleaned up several categories in Esquire's annual list of the nation's best newrestaurants.  In fact, one has been named #1.

Top Restaurant of 2023

Overall, nine different restaurants in the Empire State made the list of the nation's best 50 eating establishments - meaning New York made up roughly 20 percent of the entire list.

One was named best overall, which was the Brooklyn-based ILIS. The New Nordic fusion establishment operates in a former rubber factory that celebrates sustainability. Esquire raved, "They prepared the fish as it would have been done centuries ago, wrapped in bark and cooked over flames."

Apparently, it is extremely difficult to snag a reservation at this joint. But, if you manage to score yourself a table, be sure to save up because their pre-fix menu starts at $195!

Check out some of their offerings below:

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Other Top Contenders

Other states to enjoy multiple nods include California and Florida. However, New York made a strong showing across numerous categories.

When highlighting the nation's special category winners of 2023, Manhattan-based Café Carmellini, Claud, Foul Witch, Foxface Natural, Oiji Mi, Tatiana and Torrisi all earned nods.

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Another New York establishment also secured honors in this category, which was Casa Susanna in Leeds.

Said Esquire of this particular establishment:

Let’s just say it: Nowhere on the East Coast will you have better Mexican food than what Hernández is cooking at Casa Susanna. His menu (the squash-blossom tetela, the mackerel al pastor, the tamal de chocolat) is a moan-inducing marvel. The heirloom corn comes from Mexico, as do the chiles, as do many wines on the wine list.

Check out some of their offerings below:

While you may be wondering where Central and Upstate New York appeared in this roundup, the area unfortunately didn't enjoy a single entry. Then again, Esquire was evaluating the best NEW restaurants the nation has to offer.

You can scroll through their list of the nation's top 50 restaurants HERE.

That said, what newly opened establishment in CNY deserves to have the spotlight shone on them? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to pay them a visit!

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