Waddy, KY (WIBX) - A mystery animal is attacking farm animals in Kentucky, leaving residents confused and angry.

According to WDRB and WCVB, the animal has attacked several animals, including calves and goats in the town of Waddy, just east of Louisville.

Though no one has seen the animal, one state Fish and Wildlife official believes it might be a domestic dog, or pack of dogs.

A recent town hall meeting drew more than 100 people, and though no one has seen the animal, they know it comes out at night to attack- but not kill- animals.

This is not the first mystery animal found in Kentucky, either. Two years ago, at around this time, WHAS and WLKY both reported that a man in Nelson County shot and killed a hairless animal on his property.

Some residents claimed it might have been the mythical chupacabra, but animal experts deemed it to be an animal suffering from mange.

Is Kentucky the land of mythical creatures? Maybe not, but until this creature is found the mystery continues.

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