There are few things more frustrating than having to cleanup after the winter. For some of us, because of recent storms, we have had to cleanup the sticks and debris a few times. But among the sticks and leaves, you may find what someone's dog has left behind.

If you own a dog, you are responsible for the care and cleanup of the dog and there is a new push for owners to be aware that we are watching you.

If you live on a corner lot, it can be even worse! Hopefully the dogs do their business on the lawn and not the sidewalk. But in parts of New York, it seems that there are dogs and dog owners, who don't know the difference.

I had to deal with a neighbor and their dog recently. I have dogs and know to keep them in my yard and if we go for a walk, I make sure to bring a bag with me to cleanup after them. But when I am mowing the lawn and step in dog crap or when the kids are playing and they fall in to some other person's dog's poop, it is infuriating!

The spring is here and you will be out walking the dogs. Do the respectful thing and pick up the poop! If you can't be responsible enough to do that, should you even have dogs?

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