Ithaca, NY (WIBX) - New Yorkers want cheap energy, but not at any price.

According to Survey Director Yasamin Miller, the latest Empire State Poll conducted by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University says that New Yorkers are putting requirements on their energy suppliers.

When selecting energy sources, of primary importance to downstaters in saving the environment. With upstaters the focus is on reducing reliance on foreign energy sources.

And now, for the first time, upstate and downstate residents are in agreement about the effects of natural gas drilling.

The results show a shift in beliefs since last year. Sixty-six percent of liberals say drilling is not worth it. Now they are joined by 47% of moderates and 41% of conservatives who say that the risks of drilling outweigh potential economic benefits.

Results show that residents also believe that concerns over the potential harm done to the environment by natural gas drilling outweigh their desire to save money.