He caught a catfish that was 35-pounds, 3-ounces and more than 3-feet long.

This isn't some story from a guy who went fishing and over exaggerated his catch.

Scordo, of Watertown, tells Keeler in the Morning on WIBX that the fish was caught on Lake Ontario, and following a lenghtier than expected certification process, he released it back into the water.

''I've fished these fish for 25-years, and I've never seen one over 30-pounds. It was a miracle...I looked at my buddy and said that could be a record,'' Scordo recalled about how he felt when he pulled his catch from the water.

Photo submitted by Eric Scordo.
Photo submitted by Eric Scordo.

Scordo also shared a story about how he got hooked on fishing.

''I was 12-years-old and my parents rented a cottage and I went out on the dock at night to see what I could catch...I was reeling this fish in and I finally got it out and I could see it had a huge head and a long body. I woke my parents up and made 'em come out and take picture. And ever since then I've been hooked on catfishing and I've been fishing my whole life,'' said Scordo, who owns NNY Catfish Hunter Charters.


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