Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri says the Olbiston Apartments on Genesee Street in Utica are no longer safe to live in.

Palmieri says despite countless attempts the city has made to work with the owners of the apartments, there has been no good faith effort on their part to perform necessary repairs to the facility.

Palmieri says unfortunately, due to the negligence, the building is in deplorable condition.

The city is currently in New York State Supreme Court to compel the owners to make the repairs.

Palmieri says while the case is ongoing, the city has determined that it is in the health and safety interests of the tenants to no longer occupy the building and that it be posted until further notice.

He says the city is working with Oneida County and other community partners to secure housing for the 60 people who live in the Olbiston Apartments.

Palmieri says all Utica residents deserve to live in safe and clean conditions and he says the city must protect the health, safety and quality of life of its residents, and hold those who compromise it accountable.

Here is a story that was posted by WIBX in May of 2019 on unsafe living condition at the Olbiston Apartments:

A State Supreme Court Judge has ruled that all tenants living on the fourth and fifth floors of the Obilston Apartments on Genesee Street be moved to the first, second or third floors of the property.

The City of Utica went to Supreme Court to try and force needed repairs to the building, which is facing major safety and structural problems.

The owners of the apartment building will be responsible for the costs associated with relocating the tenants.

In a written statement, Mayor Robert Palmieri says the city is satisfied with the ruling, but is not happy with the situation.

Palmieri says people deserve to live in better living conditions than the Olbiston's ownership is providing.

He says they'll continue to fight to make sure all of the people in Utica are living in safe and healthy housing.

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