The City of Utica has announced major safety and structural concerns regarding The Obilston Apartments on Genesee Street.

According to a release from the Mayor's office, the city has been trying to compel the owners to fix the stairs, the roof and other code violations.

City officials were also notified that National Grid had cut off power to parts of the building and local government has been trying to find suitable housing for those residents impacted.

The City has taken the matter up with the New York State Supreme Court to try and force the needed repairs.

Mayor Rob Palmieri says, "It’s simple, we’re going to make sure the people of the City are safe. We will do whatever we have to do to achieve that goal. The Olbiston is going to have to take responsibility for the conditions it’s allowing people to live in."

In the meantime, multiple city agencies will continue to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of existing residents.

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