There were seven new positive COVID-19 Oneida County cases announced Friday at County Executive Anthony Picente's daily briefing. That brings the total of new positive cases in the last seven days to 115 and the total number of cases to 169. Picente said that 27 county residents are currently hospitalized and 21 of those people are either at MVHS or Rome Memorial Hospital.

"We have about 10 patients that are in intensive care at our Oneida County hospitals," said  County Health Department Director, Phyllis Ellis. "We also had two patients discharged from hospitalization today," she added.

Picente announced that the county has already spent approximately $1.2 million for the purchase of PPE for local healthcare workers. The purchases include gloves, masks, gowns, safety glasses and hand sanitizer.

Picente added that there will be no briefing over the holiday weekend, but numbers will be released to media outlets as they become available.

"Stay at home, enjoy the weekend. Put the porch light on for those who are working around the clock. And have a wonderful holiday weekend," Picente said.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Numbers in Oneida County
New Positive COVID-19 Cases- 7

Positive Cases in last 7 Days- 115

Total cases: 169

Active positive- 136

Resolved cases- 30

Fatalities- 3

Negative Cases- 930 (60 overnight)

Total tested- 1274

Total pending- 175

Number of positive hospitalized MVHS- 15  Rome Memorial- 6  Outside County- 6

Total Hospitalized-27

Number of Mandatory Quarantine- 344

Precautionary Quarantine- 444

Total discharged:  1,255


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