New York State has released the results of their 'Operation Prevent' crackdown on underage drinking at summer concerts throughout the state.

Sweeps were carried out at six concert venues across the state and police say 411 people were arrested for underage drinking, while more than 400 fake ID's were confiscated.

"Underage drinking can lead to bad decisions with potentially life altering consequences, or worse," Governor Cuomo said. "These sweeps help in preventing avoidable tragedies, as well as send a strong message that we have zero tolerance for this reckless behavior in New York."

Locally, police made 59 arrests and seized 47 fake ID's at the Lakeview Amphitheater.

'Operation Prevent' is a yearlong DMV initiative that targets not only concerts, but bars and drinking establishments, events, and other underage hot spots. During an 'Operation Prevent' sweep, state investigators work with law enforcement to check ID's. Those under the age of 21 found to be using fake ID's or false documents to try to buy alcohol can be arrested and have their license revoked for a minimum of 90 days or up to one year.

Recently, Governor Cuomo announced that 'Operation Prevent' has moved from the concert field to college towns as the fall semester gets underway. Local and state law enforcement agencies will be working to prevent underage drinking on college campuses, to protect students and increase safety.

Here's the full results of the 'Operation Prevent' campaign:

  •  Buffalo Harbor Canalside Concerts: 34 arrests - 28 fake ID's seized
  • CMAC in Canandaigua: 54 arrests - 37 fake ID's seized
  • Darien Lake Performing Arts Center: 115 arrests -  130 fake ID's seized
  • Lakeview Amphitheater: 59 arrests - 47 fake ID's seized
  • Nikon at Jones Beach Theater: 62 arrests - 72 fake ID's seized
  • Saratoga Performing Arts Center: 87 arrests - 123 fake ID's seized

Additionally, Governor Cuomo has issued a warning to college students about the dangers of buying fake ID's over the Internet. Investigators have found dozens of examples of identity theft from people buying fake ID's from overseas companies.

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