We all know what is coming when the fall arrives. The cooler air and the shorter days are here and for those of us who live near one of the Great Lakes, we know that snow could pile up any day now.

Are you ready? Do you have your shovel and snowblowers ready? If you plans to have someone plow your driveway or parking lot, have you started to figure out what it will cost?

As the prices for gas and diesel start to rise again here in The Empire State, contractors are being forced to raise their prices as well for moving the snow out of your driveway in time for you to get to work or school. According to at least one website, the cost will be going up.

It has been estimated that homeowners tend to spend around $35 to $400 for a Buffalo snow removal service. This amount may change depending on the size of the driveway, the amount of snow to be removed, and labor.

We have had blasts of snow in the past in early October. Most of us can still remember the "October Surprise" that happened on the 13th. We got hammered with heavy, wet snow and it brought down power lines, snarled traffic and even was responsible for a few deaths.

The forecast this week is calling for a cold rain to move in over most of the state. The leaves around Western New York are just passing peak and have been some of the brightest and colorful we have seen in years.

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