Today is the perfect day to honor Ryan Miller.  So why not show him in peak performance mode?

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Ryan Miller is being honored by the Buffalo Sabres tonight.  Not only is he going to be inducted into the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame, but they will also be retiring his #30.  No other Sabre will wear that number again.  It will be his forever.

We've seen some amazing saves from Miller with our own eyes.  He's robbed people blind.  He's gone up to the top shelf where momma hides the cookies.  He's amazed us in our building, but have you seen what he's done throughout his professional career?  It didn't all end when he left Buffalo.

The NHL joined in the celebration today with a 5-minute video of some of Miller's greatest saves.  It's from his entire career so you'll see some of the saves from Buffalo, but also from his time with St. Louis, Vancouver, and Anaheim too.

Luckily they give us multiple angles there because how many times did you watch that and say, "How in the heck did they NOT score there?!?"

The answer is...Ryan Miller was in the net.

This isn't the first hall of fame that he's been inducted into.  He was also inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in September.

Miller is also the winningest American-born goaltender in the NHL and is the Sabres all-time leader in wins too.


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