WASHINGTON (AP) —  Sen. Chuck Schumer says President Donald Trump's comments that he's open to accepting information from a foreign power against a political opponent "define deviancy down to a new low."

The New York Democrat says Trump's comments to ABC News were disgraceful and "it's as if the president has learned absolutely nothing from the past two years of investigations."

Schumer said Thursday that the Russian meddling controversy started after Trump publicly urged Russia to leak 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton's emails.

Schumer says the Republican president "believes winning an election is more important than the integrity of the election."

FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Donald Trump Jr. should have called the FBI to report that a Russian lawyer was offering negative information on Clinton in 2016.

The president told ABC if a foreign power were offering dirt on his 2020 opponent he'd have no obligation to call in the FBI.

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