Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has completed his 21st consecutive tour of all 62 New York counties with a stop in Washington County.

During the year, Schumer made 125 visits to Upstate New York, including 19 stops in Central New York.

He's the first New York State public official to visit every single county in New York each year he has been in office.

““Although I’ve gained the title of Minority Leader, my proudest and most principal titles have been, and will always remain, New York’s Senator and ‘New Yorker.’ At the close of twenty-one years, my beliefs are as clear as ever: ‘Senators who stay in Washington and never return home are simply not doing their job.’ That’s why I go to all of the street fairs, parades, graduations, and public events that I can. Whether I’m in Buffalo eating beef-on-weck at the fair or slapping hands at the Boilermaker finish line, I’m always mixing, mingling and learning more about New York directly from my constituents,” said Schumer.

Schumer vows to continue the tradition in 2020.