An artist with ties to the Utica-Rome area is expected to audition on NBC's The Voice in an upcoming blind audition, according to the artist's Facebook page. Selkii, a South African now living and performing in the United States, spent time in the Utica area performing and collaborating last summer.

So, I can finally spill the beans! Friends, I auditioned for the voice which premieres Feb 25th on NBC! I can’t wait for the season premiere !!! So Grateful to be a part of this incredible platform! @nbcthevoice #thevoice #nbcthevoice #southafrican#floridamusicscene #wishmeluck #prayers

Selkii along with her newfound band mates, Rick Gerken and bassist Nash Robb of The Old Main, were at Wakely's on Varick Street and two days later, performed an impromptu backyard pool party in the back yard of WIBX's Bill Keeler. They had never performed together until that weekend and they were completely in sync. In fact, you would have thought they had played together for years as the trio performed several covers done in the 'Selkii style' which includes her masterful looping technique.

"Keep your eye on this artist. She is something special," Gerken said in between sets. "You just get the feeling that there's something uniquely different about her."

Blind Auditions for the Voice air Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC. Check local listings.


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