The battle started when WCNY's Susan Arbetter tweeted out that Senator Griffo would be

on her program, "Capitol Pressroom," to discuss the Governor's "powers" on Wednesday, the day that members returned to session in Albany.  DeRosa tweeted that the legislature was just upset because they didn't get their pay raise.  Griffo responded saying it's not about the money; "but, balance of power."  DeRosa snapped back with a simple," Yup. Sure," which prompted Griffo to return fire:

It seems that Griffo's line, "Your father taught you better," struck a nerve for DeRosa which prompted her to claim the comment was sexist.

DeRosa tweeting to Griffo: 

  • "But condescending sexism is a 1 way street? Would you ever speak to bill Mulrow or Rob Mujica that way?"
  • "In a million years would a male senator ever ask about another man's father's approval?"
  • "It's father may be proud of me but I don't ask his permission when I open my mouth."

So what do you think?  Was Senator Griffo being sexist?  Would he make the same comment to a younger male staff member? Should the Governor's Chief of Staff afford an elected State Senator a certain degree of respect? WIBX's "First News with Keeler" will speak with Senator Griffo on Friday morning to discuss the topic. An invitation has also been sent out to Melissa DeRosa.  

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