A New Hartford resident living on Sessions Road made a startling discovery in the back of her home. Noticing a hole in the siding, she looked further to find a large bullet lodged within.

Joanne Crowe says, "It was certainly unnerving." Joanne tells WLZW morning show host Beth Coombs that she made the discovery over the weekend. New Hartford Police were contacted regarding the incident. Crowe says, "They took the bullet but said there was nothing they could do. Just call them immediately the next time we hear shots out there. I was hoping they would at least talk to people in a few houses on Roberts Road."

Roberts Road is the road behind the woods in the rear of her home and is where Crowe has heard shots before. According to the NYS DEC, it is illegal to fire a weapon

within 500 feet (for a firearm), 250 feet (for a crossbow) or 150 feet (for a bow) of a dwelling, farm building or structure in occupation or use unless you own it, lease it, are an immediate member of the family, an employee, or have the owner's consent.

Crowe says, "When I think about how much we were out there the last few days, I feel very lucky. My next door neighbor has 4 young children. I thought about them being out there too." New Hartford Police told Joanne to contact them immediately if she heard any other shots in the area.

A representative from New Hartford Police was not immediately available to comment.

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