The man who became known as the "Speed Painter to the Stars" by painting Howard Stern on NBC's America's Got Talent just completed what he calls his 'most valuable work of fine speed art,' thus far. Robert Channing recently threw gold glitter at a canvass to reveal none other than leading Republican Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump.

"They asked me to do it," Channing told WIBX's Bill Keeler of the Keeler in the Morning show.  "It was kind of a no-brainer. I mean this guy might be our next president," he added.

Channing said that Trump hasn't seen the painting yet, but campaign Chief Executive staffer John McEntee says it's "awesome" and hanging in Trump's campaign 'war room' in Manhattan.

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That location which was once the set for NBC's Apprentice, is now home to about a dozen staffers working on Trump's campaign. "That's the perfect place for the painting," Channing said. "It's right in the middle of all of the action. It's really amazing."

Channing says, "Most of my friends in the painting world are Bernie or Hillary supporters.  They think trump is an evil bully.  But I was surprised when one of them told me that if I painted Trump I was not even a real artist!"  Channing not only completed the celebrity candidate's portrait, he says he also plans to do several other potential nominees and vows to paint Trump again if he becomes U.S. President.

Watch the actual video of Channing painting Donald Trump below.

Robert Channing is a speed painter and mentalist from Utica, NY.

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