The Buffalo Bills returned to the field for the 11th day of training camp at St. John Fisher University in Rochester on Thursday, which was open to fans and the media.

This after a change in plans on Wednesday, as the Bills did a walkthrough, which was not open to the media or to fans. The Wednesday walkthrough was originally a standard practice open to the media.

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Thursday morning's practice was a notable one after what transpired between a few important players.

According to Bills reporter Mike Catalana, edge rusher Greg Rousseau swatted at the ball that Stefon Diggs had. That prompted Diggs to "throw some punches" as a skirmish began.

13 WHAM reporter Dan Fetes says that Diggs took a swing at Rousseau and after things calmed down between the players, it continued once again into the huddle and defensive tackle Ed Oliver had to be held back.

According to reporters, players from both sides filed in to help calm things down before things finally stopped for good.

It all seemed to start after Rousseau swatted the ball out of Diggs' hands and Diggs too exception to it.

While training camp skirmishes and fights are not unusual at NFL training camps, you never want a star player like Diggs involved, especially when it involves his hands. You also never want Josh Allen involved, and he was with Jordan Phillips in another skirmish last weekend.

This is the third or fourth heated skirmish between Bills players and that's quite a few for just 11 days into camp.

In the end, these guys are just hitting the same players over and over for a few weeks and it's in the July/August heat. Things can get heated rather easily but we definitely need the skirmishes to stop at some point.

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