If you felt a little bit lucky, and felt like it was a good day to play the lottery, you could be a whole lot richer. Someone in Oneida has a winning Take 5 ticket. Is it you?

That's right - one lucky man or woman is starting the month with some new cash flow. A winning Take 5 ticket worth $20,077.50 was sold for the March 26, 2022, drawing at the Circle K located at 4835 Route 365 in Oneida, New York.

Take 5 numbers are drawn from a field of one through 39. The winning numbers in the midday drawing were as follows:

5 12 20 35 38 

If you are the winner, you have up to a year to claim your prize. I don't play the lottery but it's times like this I wish I did. The winner is so close to home.

This is not the first big winner our area has had in 2022. We had a winner on New Years Eve on a Take Five ticket that was sold at the Sunoco on Mohawk Street in Utica, New York.

Back in October of 2021, one top-prize winning ticket was sold for the October 23 Take 5 Midday drawing. The ticket, worth $20,837.50, was purchased at Y Hill Express located at 2344 Route 49 in Blossvale, New York.

It seems that Blossvale in general is a pretty lucky. in February, a Blossvale couple won some money with a Mega Millions ticket. And by some, we mean 96 million dollars. They purchased the ticket in Camden, New York, and decided to split the money evenly.

Each received a single lump sum of $23,016,702 after required withholdings. Leonard and Lorraine Padavan said they planned to pool their money to buy an RV and live out their dreams.

Does this mean we should all take a chance and gamble more in 2022? Not necessarily. It does show, however, that if you take a chance, sometimes it pays off.

You can find all the winning number for any drawing at lottery.ny.gov/all-winning-numbers.

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