It has been amazing to watch the skyline of the City of Utica change over the last few months. The massive cranes parked right in the middle of the city's downtown area has been a welcome sight.

The Downtown Hospital Project is well underway and we were invited for an exclusive tour of the progress that has been made thus far. While we were not permitted any higher than ground level, it was intriguing to get a behind the scenes and in-depth look into all that goes into a project of this magnitude.

It was truly an impressive "site" to see as the transformation from old, and in some cases, dilapidated buildings to the towering steel structure that has already been built. During the course of the walking tour, we were taken into what will be the "physical plant" of the hospital where a lot of the non-medical related personnel and staff will be located. This building will also house the heating & cooling and other operational systems for the hospital. That building is connected to the main hospital building by a newly constructed walking bridge.

Every specific detail had been thought out and planned. Each steel beam was created specifically for this project. Each beam had a number and a specific place in the support structure of the will-be hospital building. The new facility will have an advanced Emergency Department, Central Command Center and a unique mental health department. One of the best things we learned was all the local contractors and vendors that have benefited from the construction that continues. You can see detailed photos of the hospital site below.

Exclusive Photo Tour Of MVHS Hospital Project

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